Vandino Espresso Aroma

Filter doses
The permanent orientation to the customers is a part of the conception of the brand. To be able to satisfy the searching utmost, Vandino developed new coffee filter doses, suitable for use in small bars and restaurants, offices, hotels and at home.
Doses are compatible with all new machines on the market.
Vandino “Espresso Aroma” NEW – filter pods will give you an aromatic Italian Espresso! A blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees with a sweet taste and rich aroma. Aromatic cup of coffee with fine acidity, notes of toast, fruity and subtle spicy taste and intense cocoa aroma. A strong cocoa aftertaste, reminiscent of dark chocolate.
  • 40% Arabica, 60% Robusta
  • The filter pod is made of nutritionally harmless materials.
  • The product is manufactured and packaged in Italy.
  • 18 doses / box