Vandino Espresso ORO

Coffee capsules

capsules compatible with Lavazza ®BLUE® *
For all brand lovers and customers who love the excellent espresso, improved and expanded the variety of Vandino coffee capsules compatible with the Lavazza ®BLUE® * system. We offer you the opportunity to feel the pleasure of quality coffee: in small restaurants, offices and hotels or even at home.
Coffee Capsules VANDINO ESPRESSO ORO – for espresso with great aroma and captivating senses. Enjoy the rich citrus aroma, chocolate flavor and dried fruit. Light acidity, medium dense body, medium bitter.
A mixture of bold character that will bring you real pleasure and enjoyment!

  • 100% Arabica;
  • The product is manufactured and packaged in Italy.
  • 100 capsules / box.

The capsules are compatible with machines with the LAVAZZA BLUE® system and do not replace the original capsules made by Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

The Lavazza brand name is not owned by Vandino or by companies connected to it. The BLUE® system is owned by Lavazza®. There is no direct or indirect connection between Vandino and Lavazza®. The compatibility of the Vandino capsules is functional for use in Lavazza BLUE® machines and does not replace the use of original capsules produced by Lavazza®.