Vandino Espresso Bar

coffee beans

Vandino Espresso Bar is carefully chosen selection – for espresso with intense aroma, thick foam and nice taste, carefully chosen Arabica and Robusta mix.
This product is remarkable, because it gives the possibility to get a high quality espresso from vending automatic machines.


Vandino Espresso Crema

coffee beans

Vandino Espresso Crema is a combination of selected 100% Robusta beans, coffee with thick foam and strong taste – a great espresso experience, suitable for every taste. Exclusively performance in vending machines. Product composed of raw green coffee from Vietnam and Indonesia. Developed for professionals who want to get daily perfection of the coffee drink…

Vandino Espresso Aroma

coffee beans

Vandino Espresso Aroma is a specially selected blend of coffee with low acidity, thick body and medium bitter taste. With its chocolate touch and dried fruits aroma you will enjoy the perfect Italian espresso with rich flavor and thick cream.


Vandino Crema Professional

coffee beans

One of the most preferred coffees in the product range of Vandino Vending line.
It is specially developed for the specialized vending channel, maximally responding to the mass searching, available in professional and comfortable package from 3 kg.

Vandino Supreme Granulated

granulated instant coffee

Vandino Supreme granulated instant coffee is made from a premium coffee selection, which reminds you of an incredible taste of espresso. The perfect proposition for your warm coffee in the winter as well as the cold frappe in the summer.


Vandino Premier

soluble milk drink

Vandino Premier
is a soluble milk drink that adds pleasant flavor and fluffy foam to your coffee and cocoa beverage. Excellent solubility and presentation in vending machines.

Vandino Royal Chocolate

soluble cocoa drink

Vandino Royal Chocolate is a soluble cocoa drink with thick, exceptionally aromatic and delicious hot chocolate. It is a sweet temptation that charges you up with energy and spirit, even in the early hours of the day. Excellent solubility and presentation in vending machines.