Vandino: Italian coffee for the Vending and Ho. Re. Ca. sector

why our brand?

Vandino is a byword for a high quality coffee, inspired from the Italian coffee tradition, symbol of its passion, style and class.
The brand presents coffee which is produced and packed in Italy, characterized with exclusively quality, unique flavor and aromatic profiles.
Vandino coffee brings a shade of the light and harmonious aroma of the Brazilian coffee, its balanced and primary taste, aftertaste with chocolate notes – characteristics which will make every coffee lover to express his unconcealed admiration…


why our brand?

Our coffee beans are carefully selected and processed, baked so as to keep its aroma and taste quality.

Vandino brand suggests you 100 % of first class coffee, packed in luxury, modern and stylish packages with moisture-insulating cover.

Vandino is Italian coffee brand, which owns stunning aroma, unique and thick taste, awakening your senses with the first sip.


Ethiopia is considered for a motherland of the coffee. The coffee journey began in Yemen, where it was distributed by Arab traders and afterwards quickly gained popularity all over the world.
Today the coffee plant is growing in Central and South America, along the Caribbean Sea, Africa and Asia. One of the biggest producers of the refreshing drink is Brazil. This is not accidentally, because Brazil is exactly the country where are provided one of the first coffee farms.

The Brazilian coffee comes from big plantations with low altitude, under the scorching sun.
You can easily recognize the taste and the sweet aroma of the Brazilian coffee, due the areas and specific climate conditions.
In the production of our coffee we use only specially selected coffee beans from the best Brazilian plantation, popular with the excellent quality of its production.
For us only the best coffee is good enough. That’s why we can guarantee you unsurpassed quality in every espresso cup.

Arabica contains less caffeine than Robusta
Аrabicа has a soft and thick taste.
Arabica is very aromatic.

combines the perfect proportion of Arabica and Robusta

Robusta has a high content of caffeine.
Robusta has a rich taste and delicate flavor.
Robusta creates a thick foam.

The coffee drink is not only caffeine and taste to us…

Оur mission is to make coffee, inspiring you with every sip, we have the intention to satisfy customers from every segment, not only the massive supply, but also to satisfy more specific and pretentious tastes.
Our own identity, innovation and knowledge helped us to make Vandino coffee products exclusively preferred.