Coffee, which brings
with every sip ...


Italian coffee for the Vending and Ho. Re. Ca. sector
Vandino is a byword for a high quality coffee, inspired from the Italian coffee tradition, symbol of its passion, style and class.
The brand presents coffee which is produced and packed in Italy, characterized with exclusively quality, unique flavor and aromatic profiles.
Vandino coffee brings a shade of the light and harmonious aroma of the Brazilian coffee, its balanced and primary taste, aftertaste with chocolate notes – characteristics which will make every coffee lover to express his unconcealed admiration…

Coffee beans

Vandino is carefully chosen selection – for espresso with intense aroma, thick foam and nice taste
Thосе productс ар remarkable, because it gives the possibility to get a high quality espresso from vending automatic machines.
A necessary gift for people who have limited time and who are always in movement.
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The specially selected coffee beans make an irresistibly fragrant and creamy espresso that captivates the senses.
Инстантни напитки
For all lovers of the brand and of the excellent espresso, we have created a new unique blend of coffee beans
Enjoy an espresso with subtle acidity, rich cocoa aroma with a fruity and spicy taste. Aftertaste of black chocolate and notes of toast.
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For all brand lovers and customers who love the excellent espresso, improved and expanded the variety of Vandino coffee capsules
Coffee Capsules VANDINO – for espresso with great aroma and captivating senses. Enjoy the rich citrus aroma, chocolate flavor and dried fruit. 
A mixture of bold character that will bring you real pleasure and enjoyment!
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Our coffee beans are carefully selected and processed, baked so as to keep its aroma and taste quality.
Vandino brand suggests you 100 % of first class coffee, packed in luxury, modern and stylish packages with moisture-insulating cover.
Vandino is Italian coffee brand, which owns stunning aroma, unique and thick taste, awakening your senses with the first sip.
  • Arabica contains less caffeine than Robusta
  • Аrabicа has a soft and thick taste.
  • Arabica is very aromatic.
  • Robusta has a high content of caffeine
  • Robusta has a rich taste and delicate flavor.
  • Robusta creates a thick foam.